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Dr. Céline Heinemann

Celine Heinemann  


Postdoc at ITW
PhD, 2020


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+49 228 73-2823

Academic career  

Céline Heinemann graduated in food chemistry in Bonn in 2013. After passing her second state examination at the ‘Landesamt für Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz NRW’ (LANUV NRW), she returned to the University of Bonn in 2015 and has since been working at the Institute of Animal Science. Her PhD, which she completed in 2020, focused on the assessment of hygiene indicators und critical points of sanitation in livestock. She is passionate about everything related to microbiology in livestock husbandry and also deals with effects of contaminants and residues related to food producing animals.

Research topics  

Animal hygiene, microbiology, antibiotic resistance, per- and polyfluorinated substances

Academic awards  
  • Active participation (poster) in the “Joint CSAS-ASAS Annual
  • Meeting in 2017” in Baltimore financed by DAAD congress travel grant
  • Poster award of the American Society of Animal Science 2017 for graduate students (2nd)
Key publications  

Heinemann, C., Hayer, J.J., Schulze-Dieckhoff, B.G., Steinhoff-Wagner, J. (2022). A risk-oriented evaluation of biofilm and other influencing factors on biological quality of drinking water for dairy cows. Submitted 12/2021.

Felder, C., Trompeter, L., Skutlarek, D., Färber H., Mutters, N.T., Heinemann, C. (2022). Exposure of a single wild boar population in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) to poly- and perfluorinated alkyl substances. Submitted 01/2022.

Heinemann, C., Leubner, C. D., Hayer, J. J., Steinhoff-Wagner, J. (2021). Hygiene management in newborn individually housed dairy calves focusing on housing and feeding practices. J Anim Sci, 99;1:1-13.

Heinemann, C., Leubner, C. D., Savin, M., Sib, E., Schmithausen, R. M., Steinhoff-Wagner, J. (2020). Research Note: Tracing pathways of entry and persistence of facultative pathogenic and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a commercial broiler farm with substantial health problems. J Poult Sci, 99;11:5481-5486.

Heinemann, C., Meyer, I., Bögel, F. T., Schmid, S. M., Hayer, J. J., Steinhoff-Wagner, J. (2020). Individual Training for Farmers based on Results from Protein and ATP rapid Tests and Microbiological Conventional Cultural Methods Improves Hygiene in Pig Fattening Pens. J Anim Sci, 1;98:1-10.

  • Coordination of the project ‘BucKeT’ (funded by the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank)
  • Coordination of the project ‘TrinkIndiQ’ (funded by the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank)
  • Interim teaching substitute at the vacant professorship ‘Prozess- und Produktmanagement in der tierischen Erzeugung‘