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Dr. rer. pol. Dominik Weiss


Dominik Weiss  


Postdoc at IGG
PhD in Economics, 2011


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+49 228 73-4657

Academic career  

Since 2011, Dominik Weiß has been working on third-party funded projects in the Chair of Urban Planning and Land Management and he is involved in teaching in a variety of ways. He studied spatial planning and economics at the Universities of Dortmund and Karlsruhe (TH). During his position as a researcher in the Department of Urban Economics at the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research Halle (IWH), he did his doctorate at the Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg. He is active in various working groups and networks, such as the Academy of Spatial Research and Planning (ARL), and has been a lecturer in Sustainable Urban Development at the Vietnamese German University (VGU) in Ho Chi Minh City.

Research topics  

Economic Aspects of urban development, Assessment of urban resilience.

Key publications  

Rosenfeld, Martin T. W.; Weiß, D: Effects of Urban Renewal on Non-subsidised Property Owners: Evidence from East Germany, in: Town Planning Review, Vol. 86 (3), 2015, pp. 303-324.

Erwin Drixler, Frank Friesecke, Theo Kötter, Alexandra Weitkamp, Dominik Weiß: Kommunale Bodenpolitik und Baulandmodelle – Strategien für bezahlbaren Wohnraum? Eine vergleichende Analyse in deutschen Städten. Schriftenreihe des DVW – Gesellschaft für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement e.V. Band 76. Wißner, Augsburg 2014

Michelsen, Claus; Weiß, Dominik: What happened to the East German Housing Market? A Historical Perspective on the Role of Public Funding, in: Post-Communist Economies, Vol. 22 (3), 2010, S. 387-409.