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Dr. agr. Hugo Storm


Hugo Storm NEU  


Junior Research Group Leader
PhD in Agricultural Economics, 2014


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+49 228 73-60828

Academic career  

I am an Agricultural economist with a focus on applied econometrics and machine learning. I am interested in the digitalization of agriculture, particularly, in the use of Machine Learning to enhance agricultural and the analysis of the social and environmental impacts of this process. I am also working on Deep Learning methods for applied policy analysis.

Research topics  

Applied econometrics, deep learning, digitalization of agriculture, policy analysis, farm structural change

Academic awards  

Faculty award, Agricultural Faculty, University Bonn, 2015

Key publications  

Rasch, S., T. Heckelei, H. Storm, R. Oomen and C. Naumann (2017): Multi-scale resilience of a communal rangeland system in South Africa. Ecological Economics 131:129-138.

Storm, H., T. Heckelei and R.C. Mittelhammer (2016): Bayesian estimation of non-stationary Markov models combining micro and macro data. European Review of Agricultural Economics, 43(2):303-329.

Storm, H., T. Heckelei, M. Espinosa and S. Gomez y Paloma (2015): Short Term Prediction of Agricultural Structural Change using Farm Accountancy Data Network and Farm Structure Survey Data. German Journal of Agricultural Economics, 64(3).

Storm, H., K. Mittenzwei and T. Heckelei (2015): Direct payments, spatial competition and farm survival in Norway. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97(4):1192-1205.

Storm, H., T. Heckelei and C. Heidecke (2011): Estimating irrigation water demand in the Moroccan Drâa Valley using contingent valuation. Journal of Environmental Management, 92(10):2803-2809.