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Dr.-Ing. Jan Martin Brockmann


Jan-Martin Brockmann  


Postdoc at IGG
PhD in Geodesy, 2014


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+49 228 73-7423

Academic career  

Jan Martin Brockmann started to work in the Theoretical Geodesy Group already as a student assistant in 2007. After the finalization of the diploma degree course “Vermessungswesen” and his diploma thesis in the Theoretical Geodesy group he received the degree Dipl.-Ing in 2008. 2008 he started in the Theoretical Geodesy group as a PhD candidate and worked in the context of gravity field recovery from observations collected by the satellite mission GOCE. As a member of the EGG-C and the ESA HPF Team he was involved in the official processing of the observations and contributed significantly to the generation of the gravity field models computed with the so called time-wise approach. The computational requirements brought lead towards the field of high performance computing. He defended his PhD thesis “On High Performance Computing in Geodesy — Applications in Global Gravity Field Determination” in that context in 2014. Since 2014 he is working as postdoctoral researcher in the group, still working in the context of high performance computing and global gravity field determination. Currently the focus is on the joint estimation and separation of gravity field and geodetic dynamic ocean topography models from altimetry observations. Here again high performance computing plays an important role.

Research topics  

High Performance Computing, Computational Geodesy, Gravity Field Determination, Data Combination, Numerical Methods and Solution Techniques, Estimation of Gravity Field and Dynamic Ocean Topography, Parametric Surface Modelling, Statistics and Adjustment Theory, Finite Elements

Academic awards  

2016: Winner of the “Wissenschaftspreis Geodäsie” of the DGK (German Geodetic Comission) for outstanding achievements in the field „Computational Geodesy“

2015: Faculty Award in Geodesy for an outstanding publication during PhD studies

2011: EGU Outstanding student poster (OSP) award

Key publications  

Brockmann, Jan Martin, Till Schubert, and Wolf-Dieter Schuh. An Improved Model of the Earth’s Static Gravity Field Solely Derived from Reprocessed GOCE Data. Surveys in Geophysics 42, no. 2 (March 1, 2021): 277–316.

Kvas, Andreas, Jan Martin Brockmann, Sandro Krauss, Till Schubert, Thomas Gruber, Ulrich Meyer, Torsten Mayer-Gürr, Wolf-Dieter Schuh, Adrian Jäggi, and Roland Pail. GOCO06s – a Satellite-Only Global Gravity Field Model. Earth System Science Data 13, no. 1 (January 27, 2021): 99–118.

S. Becker, J. M. Brockmann, and W.-D. Schuh. Mean dynamic topography estimates purely based on GOCE gravity field models and altimetry. Geophysical Research Letters, 41(6):2063–2069, 2014a.

S. Becker, M. Losch, J. M. Brockmann, G. Freiwald, and W.-D. Schuh. A Tailored Computation of the Mean Dynamic Topography for a Consistent Integration into Ocean Circulation Models. Surveys in Geophysics, 35(6):1507–1525, 2014b.

J. M. Brockmann, N. Zehentner, E. Höck, R. Pail, I. Loth, T. Mayer-Gürr, and W.-D. Schuh. EGM_TIM_RL05: An independent Geoid with Centimeter Accuracy purely based on the GOCE Mission. Geophysical Research Letters, 41(22):8089–8099, 2014a.



PI of DFG project: PArametric determination of the dynamic ocean topography from geoid, altimetric sea surface heights and SAR derived RAdial SURface Velocities — PARASURV

PI of the project "Development of Continuous Spatio-Temporal Finite Element Based Models for Sea Surface Approximation" (Uni Bonn, TRA Modelling)

Review activities for various Journals, see my Publons profile, Member of the European GOCE Gravity Consortium (EGG-C)

Member of the scientific committee “ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016”

Member of the IGG Institutsvorstand (occasionally)

Member of the Studienkommision Geodäsie und Geoinformation (occasionally)