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Dr. M. Habib-ur-Rahman




Postdoc at INRES
Ph.D. in Agronomy, 2017


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+49 174 822 5951

Academic career  

My research focusses on real time monitoring of ecosystem services under different crop and agroforestry systems using ground and airborne sensors. Study the interactions between soil, crop and environment using modeling approaches to understand the basic processes are influenced by management and climate. Further to develop and apply the innovative modeling approaches for real time simulation of ESS especially under cropping and agroforestry systems.

Research topics  

Digital agriculture, agro-ecosystem system modelling, climate smart agriculture, sustainable crop production, adaptation for climate change and real time simulation

Academic awards  

Norman E. Borlaug International Agriculture Science and technology Fellowship

Key publications  

Rahman, M. H., A. Raza, H. Ahrends, H. Hugging, T. Gaiser. 2021. Impact of in-field soil heterogeneity on biomass and yield of winter triticale in an intensively cropped hummocky landscape under temperate climate conditions. Precision Agric (2021).

Rahman, M. H., A. Ahmad, X. Wang, A. Wajid, W. Nasim, M. Hussain, B. Ahmad, Z. Ali, V. Shelia, S. Ahmad, S. Fahad, G. Hoogenboom. 2018. Multi-model projections of future climate and climate change impacts uncertainty assessment for cotton production in Pakistan. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 254, 94-113.

Rahman, M. H., A. Ahmad, A. Aftab, M. Hussain, F. Rasul, W. Ishaque, M. A. Islam, V. Shelia, M. Awais, A. Ullah, S.R. Sultana, S. Fahad, S. Hussain, W. Nasim. 2019. Application of CSM- CROPGRO-Cotton Model for Cultivars and Economical Optimum Planting Dates: Evaluation in Changing Semi-Arid Climate. Field Crops Research, 238, 139-152.

Raza, A., H. Ahrends, M. H. Rahman and T. Gaiser. 2021. Modeling approaches to Assess Soil Erosion by Water at the Field Scale with Special Emphasis on Heterogeneity of Soils and Crops. Land 2021, 10(4), 422.

Saddique, Q., Khan, M.I., H. Rahman, M., Jiatun, X., Waseem, M., Gaiser, T., Mohsin Waqas, M., Ahmad, I., Chong, L., Cai, H., 2020. Effects of Elevated Air Temperature and CO2 on Maize Production and Water Use Efficiency under Future Climate Change Scenarios in Shaanxi Province, China. Atmosphere (Basel). 11, 843.

Nasim, W., A. Amin, S. Fahad, M. Awais, N. Khan, M. Mubeen, A. Wahid, M. H. Rahman, M. H. Ihsan, S. Ahmed, S. Hussain, I. A. Mian, B. Khanum, Y. Jamal. 2018. Future risk assessment by estimating historical heat wave trends with projected heat accumulation using SimCLIM climate model in Pakistan. AtmosphericResearch.205,118–133.

Activities   Digital Agricultural Knowledge and Information System” (DAKIS), by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Germany