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Dr. Melanie Braun

(ehem. Bläsing)


Melanie Bläsing  

Dr. Melanie Braun


Postdoc at INRES
PhD, 2016


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+49 228 73-2777

Academic career  

10/2015 – present:
Research assistant at the Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES) – Soil Science, Bonn University

10/2016 – 09/2017
Annemarie Schimmel scholarship from the University of Bonn

11/2011 – 03/2016
Dissertation „Inland navigation: Emission fingerprints in the environment after fuel regulation 2009/30/EC“ at INRES institute of the Bonn University, founded by a scholarship from the “Deutsche Bundesstiftung für Umwelt” (DBU)

11/2010 –10/2011
Work as a graduate assistant at the INRES institute of the University of Bonn

04/2004 –10/2010
Study: Dipl. Geography at the Cologne University Diploma thesis “Pesticide residues in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam: Soil and sediment analyses and methodical constraints“, in cooperation with the University of Bonn and the United Nations University (UNU-EHS).

Research topics  

Environmental chemistry, Environmental quality, Analysis of environmental pollutants in agricultural ecosystems

Academic awards  

Scholarship from Deutsche Bundesstiftung für Umwelt (DBU), Annemarie Schimmel-Scholarship from the University of Bonn

Key publications  

Bläsing, M. & Amelung, W. (2018): Plastic in soil: analytical methods and possible sources. Science of the Total Environment (612), 422-435

Bläsing, M.; Amelung, W.; Schwark, L. & Lehndorff, E. (2017): Inland navigation-PAH inventories in soil and vegetation after EU fuel regulation 2009/30/EC. Science of the Total Environment (584-585), 19–28

Kappenberg, A.; Bläsing, M.; Lehndorff, E. & Amelung, W. (2016): Black carbon assessment using benzene polycarboxylic acids: Limitations for organic-rich matrices. Organic Geochemistry (94), 47–51.

Bläsing, M.; Shao, Y. & Lehndorff, E. (2015): Fuel regulation in inland navigation: Reduced soil black carbon deposition in river valleys in Germany. Atmospheric Environment (120), 376–384.

van Toan, P.; Sebesvari, Z.; Bläsing, M.; Rosendahl, I. & Renaud, F. G. (2013): Pesticide management and their residues in sediments and surface and drinking water in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The Science of the Total Environment (452), 28–39.

Activities   Coordination of the BMBF-project Soil3 (BONARES)