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Dr. agr. Morteza Hosseini-Ghaffari


Morteza Hosseini-Ghaffari NEU  


Postdoc at ITW
Ph.D. in Ruminant Physiology and Nutrition, 2013


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+49 228 73-2462

Academic career  

Dr. Morteza Hosseini Ghaffari graduated with B.Sc. (2004) and M.Sc. (2007) degrees in Animal Sciences from University of Kurdistan and Isfahan University of Technology, respectively. In 2013, he obtained his Ph.D. in Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition) from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. For sabbatical leave (2011-2012), he joined the Rumen Microbiology Group at the University of Western Australia. He then spent one year to complete his postdoctoral training in Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science at University of Alberta, Canada (2016-2017). In November 2017, he joined the University of Bonn (Germany), where he is currently a research associate in the Institute for Animal Science Physiology & Hygiene Under the supervision of Prof. Helga Sauerwein. Dr. Ghaffari is investigating the impacts of early-life nutritional factors on the calf’s biological outcomes later in life and also regulation of metabolic pathways in transition cows.

Research topics  

Early-life nutrition, Transition cow physiology, and Molecular biology

Academic awards  

Educational Elites Award. 2007. (IUT)

Key publications  

Ghaffari M.H., Khafipour E, Steele MA. 2017. Systems Biology and Ruminal Acidosis. In: Amteaj, B. (eds) Periparturient Disease of Dairy Cows pp. 51-69. Springer, Cham.
Book Chapter:

Ghaffari, M. H., J.A. R. MacPherson, H. Berends, M. A. Steele. 2017. Postprandial and diurnal variations of blood metabolites in healthy calves fed a high plane of milk replacer nutrition twice daily determined by NMR spectroscopy: a case report. BMC Veterinary Research. 23;13(1):271.

Imani, M. M. Mirzaei, B. Baghbanzadeh-Nobari, Ghaffari, M. H. 2017. Effects of forage provision to dairy calves on growth performance and rumen fermentation: A meta-analysis and meta-regression. Journal of Dairy Science. 100:1136–1150;

Bahrami-yekdangi, M. G. R. Ghorbani, M. Khorvash, M. A. Khan, and Ghaffari, M. H. 2016.Reducing crude protein and rumen degradable protein with a constant concentration of rumen undegradable protein in the diet of dairy cows: Production performance, nutrient digestibility, nitrogen efficiency, and blood metabolites. Journal of Animal Science, 94(2):718-25.

Ghaffari, M. H., and Z. Durmic, D. Real, P. Vercoe, G. Smith, C. Oldham. 2015. Furanocoumarins in tedera do not affect ruminal fermentation in ‎continuous culture. Animal Production Science; 55, 544–550.