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Dr.-Ing. Peng Yu


Peng Yu NEU  


Postdoc at INRES
PhD in Plant Nutrition, 2016


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+49 228 73-60532

Academic career  

My research interests are largely direct towards to understanding the genomics and biology of postembryonic root development. I am particularly interested in exploring how postembryonic root development and how they respond to environmental signals during my PhD study in China Agricultural University from 2009 to 2016. During my PhD study, I have systemic physiological, anatomical and genetic training that aided me in investigating the role of environmental nitrogen stimulation on lateral root development. From 2013 to 2015, I was holding a visiting scholar at the Crop Functional Genomics, INRES, University of Bonn and for the first time I found the cell type specific transcriptome signature during lateral root initiation in maize. During my continuous postdoc work since 2016, I mainly aim to further target the genetic and genomic control of lateral root initiation and its regulation by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in maize. My current work has shown an interesting transcriptional factor which modulates the interaction between root and microbe. For my future independent DFG funding, I will continuously work on lateral root initiation mechanism in crops and how these genetic resources application into the agriculture.

Research topics  

Genetics and genomics of maize root development

Academic awards  

Outstanding PhD Thesis in China Agricultural University
Outstanding PhD Graduates in Beijing, China
National PhD Student Awards in China
China Council Scholarship (CSC) Fellowship

Key publications  

Yu P, He X, Baer M, Beirinckx S, Tian T, Moya YAT, Zhang Y, Deichmann M, Frey FP, Bresgen V, Li C, Razavi BS, Schaaf G, von Wirén N, Su Z, Bucher M, Tsuda K, Goormachtig S, Chen X, Hochholdinger F (2021), Plant flavones enrich rhizosphere Oxalobacteraceae to improve maize performance under nitrogen deprivation. Nat Plants 7: 481–499.

Yu P, Wang C, Baldauf JA, Tai H, Gutjahr C, Hochholdinger F, Li C (2018) Root type and soil phosphate determine the taxonomic landscape of colonizing fungi and the transcriptome of field-grown maize roots. New Phytol 217: 1240-1253.

Yu P, Gutjahr C, Li C, Hochholdinger F (2016) Genetic control of lateral root formation in cereals. Trends Plant Sci 21: 951-961.

Yu P, Baldauf JA, Lithio A, Marcon C, Nettleton D, Li C, Hochholdinger F (2016) Root type specific reprogramming of maize pericycle transcriptomes by local high nitrate results in disparate lateral root branching patterns. Plant Physiol 170: 1783-1798.

Yu P, Eggert K, von Wirén N, Li C, Hochholdinger F (2015) Cell-type specific gene expression analyses by RNA-Seq reveal local high nitrate triggered lateral root initiation in shoot-borne roots of maize by modulating auxin-related cell cycle-regulation. Plant Physiol 169: 690-704.

Yu P, Hochholdinger F, Li C (2015) Root-type-specific plasticity in response to localized high nitrate supply in maize (Zea mays). Ann Bot 116: 751-762.


Review editor in Frontiers in Plant Science