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Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Müller-Schüssele




Postdoc at INRES
PhD in Biology, 2012


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+49 228 73-54260

Academic career  

Doctoral studies in the Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg

Trinational Diploma in Biotechnology (Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie Strasbourg) at the Universities of Strasbourg/Basel/Freiburg/Karlsruhe

Diploma thesis at the University of Oxford

Research stay at the John Innes Centre Norwich

Research topics  

Plant organelle biology: dynamics, membrane contact sites, redox homeostasis, fluorescent protein biosensors

Academic awards  

Scholarship of the German Academic National Foundation

Key publications  

Attacha, S., D. Solbach, K. Bela, A. Moseler, S.Wagner, M. Schwarzländer, I. Aller, S. J. Müller, A. J. Meyer (2017): „Glutathione peroxidase-like enzymes cover five distinct cell compartments and membrane-surfaces in Arabidopsis thaliana” Plant Cell & Environment 40(8), 1281-1295

Gütle, D.D., T. Roret, S.J. Müller, J. Couturier, S.D. Lemaire, A. Hecker, T. Dhalleine, B.B. Buchanan, R. Reski, O. Einsle, J.P. Jacquot (2016): „Chloroplast FBPase and SPBase are thioredoxin-linked enzymes with similar architecture but different evolutionary histories” PNAS 113, 6779-6784

Hoernstein S.N.W., S.J. Mueller, K. Fiedler, M. Schuelke, J. Vanselow, C. Schuessele, D. Lang, R. Nitschke, A. Schlosser, R. Reski (2016): „Identification of targets and interaction partners of arginyl-tRNA protein transferase in the moss Physcomitrella patens“ Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 15, 1808-1822

Mueller, S.J., R. Reski (2015): “Mitochondria and ER connectivity: the plant perspective” Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 3, 78

Mueller, S.J., D. Lang, S.N.W. Hoernstein, E.G.E. Lang, C. Schuessele, A. Schmidt, M. Fluck, D. Leisibach, C. Niegl, A.D. Zimmer, A. Schlosser, R. Reski (2014): „Quantitative analysis of the mitochondrial and plastid proteomes of the moss Physcomitrella patens reveals protein macrocompartmentation and microcompartmentation“ Plant Physiology 164, 2081-2095

Complete List:

Activities   Member of the “Plant Mitochondria in New Light” Initiative