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Master of Science Agricultural and Food Economics

Studienbeginn vor Wintersemester 2020/2021

M.Sc. Agricultural and Food Economics

Will we be able to feed the world in 2050? How do farmers handle the economic challenges and opportunities of globalized world markets in times of climate change? How do producers and processors react to permanently increasing requirements of consumers regarding food safety and sustainability? How can natural resources be preserved by a competition oriented and sustainable agrifood sector?
Agricultural economics provide answers to these and other questions – a growing global population, increasing land use conflicts, changing consumer behaviour and ongoing climate change will demand this type of expertise in the future.
The Master study program „Agricultural and Food Economics“ (AFECO) of the University of Bonn provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills for analysis and development of economic activities and related policies from fork to food, i.e. along the value chain from production on farms, via processing and trading, up to the consumption of food. Active learning by participating in research projects is part of our curriculum.
Agricultural Economics at Bonn University has achieved an internationally outstanding position in the field of mathematical modelling and information systems as well as communication in food chain management.




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