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The Agricultural Faculty

The allocation of energy and ensuring adequate food supplies for around 9 billion humans in the year 2030 is a big challenge for global agriculture. The limited availability of agriculturally usable land and resources like water make it essential to sustainably economize these resources so that future generations are able to survive. Successful research in agricultural and nutritional sciences has to study above all the anthropogenic influencing factors that can be changed.… read more


Extended Memorandum of understanding

In front Rector Prof. Dr. Michael Hoch (University of Bonn) and Rector Prof. Dr. Arthur Mol (Wageningen University)

between Wageningen University and University of Bonn has been signed by the Rector Prof. Dr. Michael Hoch (University of Bonn) and Rector Prof. Dr. Arthur Mol (Wageningen University).

„Women @TBGS“

Concept for establishing an exchange-platform for young and early career TBGS researchers and female experts

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Job Offers

Theodor Brinkmann-Foundation

Mediator between science and practice

Off-Site Laboratories

Transfer of scientific knowledge into practical competence

Research Centers

The bundling of competences of different academic disciplines

Theodor-Brinkmann-Graduate School

PhD in interdisciplinary and international research environment

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