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The Bonn International Graduate School at the Agricultural Faculty was established in 2008 as "Theodor-Brinkman-Gaduate School" and the study program was initiated in winter term 2008/09. In 2020 it was renamed to its current name

Our Goals

The Graduate School combines the research at the agricultural faculty with an interdisciplinary study program. For our research fields in agricultural, nutritional and food sciences as well as in geodesy and geoinformation we need encouraged and creative young scientists, who also have the courage to follow complex research approaches to come up with innovative ideas to solve the tasks and problems.

The Graduate School will have a leading role in bringing together the best PhD students in our fields of research and support young scientists on their way into a scientific career. The education will take place in an international and lifely scientific community.



The Graduate School is encouraging interdisciplinary and international research with the aim to investigate and analyse complex reasons and impacts of regional and global changes in different research areas. The Graduate School has five main disciplines each represented by an own institute:  (1) agricultural sciences, (2) nutrition and food science (3) agricultral economy, (4) animal sciences and (5) geodesy and geoinformatics.


PhD Program

BIGS-Land and Food offers a structured PhD within the graduate school. Each student will be supervised by a PhD Committee with at least two principle scientists of the graduate school. Together with the student they will plan the course program. Research visits abroad are highly encouraged as well as participation on national / International congresses and courses at our partner institutions. We offer:

  • participation in an interdisciplinary, english curriculum
  • intensiv supervison by a PhD Committee
  • aquisition of transferable skills
  • travel grants for conferences, summer schools and workshops outside the BIGS-Land and Food
  • possibility to network with PhD students outside the direct research field



Meckenheimer Allee 174, 53115 Bonn

  +49 228 73-68721


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