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Admission & Application


Students with an excellent master, diploma or state examination degree from a University should firstly get in contact with any of our working groups to find out, if there is an open PhD project or to discuss own research interests. Please visit the websites of the Faculty Institutes for more research and contact information. Once you have become a PhD student of the Agricultural Faculty you can join the Bonn International Graduate School-Land and Food.

Before you can apply to the BIGS Land and Food you need to be accepted as a PhD student in one of our working groups.

A list of research groups can be found here:



If you want to become a member within the BIGS-Land and Food you should not apply later than six months after you have started your PhD at the University of Bonn and you should fullfill the following requirements:

  • excellenct Master degree or equivalent
  • fullfill the PhD admission requirements of the agricultural faculty or any other faculty of the University of Bonn (e.g. faculty of sciences, medical faculty)
  • acceptence letter of your Principal Investigator (PI)



For Application you need to send the following documents to the coordinating office:

Application for Admission

Supervision Agreement


Admission interviews

After approval of the formalities you will be invited by the coordinator to an admission interview. For the interview, please prepare a presentation (max. 10 minutes) of your past and/or current research project. The interviews will be organized on demand.

Dr. Philipp Gutbrod
Katzenburgweg 9,
53115 Bonn

  +49 228 73-2159
  +49 160 91302881



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