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Commission for finance, buildings, human resources, and structure (Finanzen, Immobilien, Personal und Struktur – FIPS)


The central commission for finance, buildings, human resources, and structure (FIPS) was established in October 2016. The commission prepares proceedings for the development of mid- and long-term concepts for finance and human resources, which are submitted to the faculty council for decision.

The FIPS is responsible for the transparent accounting of cash flows between the university and the faculty board that are designated to research and teaching. The availability of resources is to be ensured by the strategic scheduling of finances during assignments. This also includes the possibility of realizing strategic mid- and long-term arrangements and structural changes in research and teaching. Central topics include issues surrounding the buildings that are provided by the Building and Property Company (Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb, BLB).

The FIPS meets during lecture time ahead of each faculty council meeting.


  • Manager for infrastructural faculty affairs: Dr. Birgit Hoegen (chairwoman)



Commission for research (Forschungskommission – FoKo)


The commission for research structures the interdisciplinary research approaches. Its aim is the successful application for joint research projects (special research fields, graduate schools, joint applications, etc.), which are suggested and to be coordinated by the members of the faculty.

Furthermore, the commission deals with qualification processes like the composition of the graduate school, habilitation, and assignments of APL and duty professorships and supports the scientific exchange with cooperation partners.



  • Vice dean for research and early career development: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kusche (chairman)
  • Manager for research affairs and early career development: Dr. Susanne Plattes


eCampus-Kurs (only FoKo-members)

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