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Equal opportunity


The main priority of the equal opportunity representative of the faculty of agriculture is the supporting and consulting of the faculty in terms of meeting the requirements of the state equality law (Landesgleichstellungsgesetz) and the law on higher education (Hochschulgesetz). Other aims include the development and the realization of arrangements for increasing the proportion of female professors, the support of female junior scientists, and the promotion of the compatibility of science, occupation, and family during the scientific qualifying phase.


Ute Müller | Foto: Andrea Madea  

Equal opportunity representative
Dr. Ute Müller
Katzenburgweg 7 - 9, 53115 Bonn

  +49 (0)228 73-5112


Jutta Wolter-Sadlers

  +49 (0)228 73-2134


Equality plans are essential steering instruments for promoting equality at universities. The legal basis for creating and updating them is the State Equality Act of North Rhine-Westphalia / Landesgleichstellungsgesetz  NRW (§§ 5, 5a and 6). In accordance with § 6 of the LGG, the content of the equality plan consists of the following four sections:

  • Statistical stocktaking
  • Determination of the equality quota and goals
  • Measures
  • Controlling, reporting obligations and updating

Equality Plan of the Faculty of Agriculture 2022 / Gleichstellungsplan der Landwirtschaftlichen Fakultät (German language)


The equality quota is 51.80 % according to the requirements of the Network for Women and Gender Research NRW. This quota must be achieved in all areas at our faculty by 2026.

The Faculty of Agriculture has already achieved the gender equality quota at the following employee levels1:

  • First-year students
  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Doctoral students (completed doctorates)
  • Habilitations/leaderships of junior research groups/junior professorships
  • Professors at qualification level W1
  • Professors at qualification levels W2/C3 (incl. professorships according to the Jülich model)

At the qualification level W3/C4 (incl. professorships according to the Jülich model), the quota has not yet been reached (currently 20.0%1). The gender equality quota at qualification level W3 can be achieved by 2026 if at least 4 of the 7 posts to be filled (excluding cluster professorships1) are filled by women.

[ 1 As of December 2021 ]


Young female scientists are supported by the faculty as follows:

  • Taking over of the partial financing of an Annemarie-Schimmel grant
  • Financing of an assistant for the continuation of practical lab / field experiments during maternity leave / parental leave within a fixed budget
  • Human resource development arrangements in the areas of presentation, elocution, and didactics
  • Support of compatibility of science, work and family in the course of scientific education: On the Campus Poppelsdorf a family room has been established.


The requirement by law of balanced appointment of all commissions and committees is currently being implemented by the developing of a concept using the example of the assignment commissions.


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