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„Women @TBGS“

Concept for establishing an exchange-platform for young and early career TBGS researchers and female experts

Prof. Dr. Silke Hüttel, Dr. Ute Müller, Dr. Susanne Plattes, Jutta Wolter-Sadlers | July 2, 2018


Background and Objective

The objective is to establish a program at the Faculty of Agriculture that contributes to strengthening and promoting women in leadership positions, as well as those aiming for leadership positions, in the specialist areas of the respective disciplines.

We target at inviting outstanding female researchers in leadership positions to foster the exchange but also to offer the opportunity to set a pattern for young and early career researchers. The planned women's promotion program “Women @TBGS” at the Faculty of Agriculture contains 2 elements.

These are: first, the Female Expert Talk @TBGS, where female experts are invited; and second, the Women's Reception @TBGS, a platform with regular networking meetings is created especially for female participants, which goes beyond professional exchange and offers the opportunity to discuss gender-specific questions of life organization.

Both elements can be used by collaborative projects such as research groups without additional administrative effort such as homepage, mailing list, organizational matters such as catering, etc. We welcome both promotion elements either individually or in combination.


Female Expert Talk @TBGS

The aim of the Female Expert Talk is to invite established female scientists for a lecture. All young and early career researchers, both male and female, related to the Faculty of Agriculture can take part in the lecture. As part of the lecture, all young scientists will have the opportunity to network.

A responsible host will coordinate the meeting with regard to content and determine the topic and the speaker from the perspective of a specialist area. The entire coordination is supported by TBGS through Dr. Plattes.

September – 20, 2018: Dr. Irina Murtazashvili | "The Control Function Approach on Endogeneity"


Women’s Reception @TBGS

The Women @TBGS network meeting is intended to facilitate the informal exchange among young female scientists in the TBGS and at the Faculty of Agriculture. These meetings are exclusively for female participants and will be organized within the framework of a reception (or lunch) at which an impulse talk by an established scientist on career planning and other questions of (female) life will create the opportunity to discuss “life-organizational” matters that can be classified as gender-specific. The participants will also have the opportunity to network in a protected space and thus learn how a female career path could be organized.

The target is 1-2 events per year, with 1 date to be organized together with the Female Expert Talk @TBGS, so that the expert can also have the opportunity to get to know the research environment at Bonn University.

September – 20, 2018: Dr. Irina Murtazashvili



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