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Since 1934, the Faculty of Agriculture has been enlarging the wide range of research and teaching of the University of Bonn, as successor to the historic agricultural college of Poppelsdorf. The key research areas of the Faculty of Agriculture, which include basic research as well as research in agricultural and nutrition systems and in geodesy, were soon established as a valuable addition to the traditional university courses of the other six faculties. Today, the effective cooperation across faculty borders supports innovation and creativity and establishes basic scientific research in our daily lives.

Contemporary problems, like the global shortage of energy and resources, the concurrent usage of areas for the production of either energy or foods, linked with the necessity to develop sustainable alternatives, cannot be resolved without the interaction of basic and applied research. Overnutrition in the industrialized countries on the one hand and continuous malnutrition in the underdeveloped countries on the other hand have to be fought purposefully. The provision of highly nutritious and secure foods within a fair value creation chain is without doubt an important contribution to a livable environment.

For several years, German universities have been undergoing a profound structural change, caused by the changed requirements in the European landscape of studies resulting from the Bologna process and the changed external conditions in the national organization of teaching and research. The University of Bonn and the Faculty of Agriculture have seen these external challenges as a chance to optimize and strengthen the internal structures. Within the whole university, research-oriented and research-guided BSc and MSc courses of study were established and departments with intense research areas were supported. The Faculty of Agriculture has integrated those aims through extensive institutional restructuring, the establishment of an innovative university program, and through faculty-internal research incentives. This clearly highlights the scientific spectrum of the agricultural, nutrition, and foods sciences and of geodesy and underlines the synergy of these courses.


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