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In the Collaborative Research Center, the researchers are investigating how the future is being shaped in rural Africa. (Nov 30, 2021)
Study by the University of Bonn compares the impact of different diets on health, animal welfare and the environment (Nov 30, 2021)
The researchers investigate the hypothesis that human-induced land use change and intensified water management also influence regional climate. (Nov 25, 2021)
Researchers at the University of Bonn and the IPK in Gatersleben identify previously unknown mechanisms in phosphate sensing (Sep 14, 2021)
Universities of Bonn and Bologna decipher cause of roots growing straight downwards (Aug 27, 2021)
Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Award: Plant biologist from the US will conduct research at the University of Bonn next year (Apr 14, 2021)
Project for early detection of dangerous bacteria receives around three million euros from BMEL / Participation of the University of Bonn (Apr 12, 2021)
Study by the University of Bonn may in the long term lead to new varieties that require less fertilizer (Apr 09, 2021)
The EU-funded WIDE-Synergies project will consider the main three pests in crop farming – weeds, insect herbivores and pathogens – together. (Mar 17, 2021)
Scientists at the University of Bonn investigate the factors affecting the global land use impacts and CO2 emissions of plant-based plastics (Feb 05, 2021)