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Date: Aug 10, 2018

Particulate matter increases drought vulnerability of trees Bonn University scientists detect leaf water removal by tiny deposits

Particulate matter deposits on leaves increase plant transpiration and the risk of plants suffering from drought. Particulate matter could thus be contributing more strongly to tree mortality and forest decline than previously assumed. This is suggested by results from a greenhouse study led by the University of Bonn, in which tree seedlings grown in almost particulate matter free air or in unfiltered air were compared. The results are now being published in “Environmental Research Letters".

Im Gewächshaus:

The impact of particulate matter on human health has gained widespread attention, but little is known about the effects that fine particulates can have on plants. The phenomenon of forest damage after dry years has been found to be accelerating globally, as has been reported from the southwestern USA and more recently from Africa, where large baobab trees are declining. “There have been different explanations for these regional events, but a comprehensive explanation is still missing”, says Dr. Juergen Burkhardt from the Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES) of Bonn University.


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