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Collaborative research


Scientists of the Faculty of Agriculture participate in numerous international and national collaborative projects and high-ranking research projects, so that third-party funds of 12 million euros could be raised in 2016. For a better overview of the collaborative research, you will find the projects classified according to the funding sources:



Collaborative research projects, that are funded by the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" (DFG - German Research Community)

  • DFG SFB/TR 32
    "Pattern in Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Systems: Monitoring, Modelling, and Data Assimilation"

  • DFG SFB/TR 228
    "Future Rural Africa: Future-Making und Social-Ecological Transformation"

  • DFG SFB 806
    "Culture environment interaction and human mobility in the late quaternary"

  • DFG Forschergruppe 1501
    "Resilience, Collapse and Reorganisation in Social-Ecological Systems of East- and South Africa's Savannahs"

  • DFG Forschergruppe 1503
    "Space-Time Reference Systems for Monitoring Global Change and for Precise Navigation in Space"

  • DFG-Forschungsgruppe 2179
    "MAD Soil - Microaggregates: Formation and turnover of the structural building blocks of soils"

  • DFG-Forschungsgruppe 2630
    "Understanding the Global Freshwater System by Combining Geodetic and Remote Sensing Information with Modelling Using Calibration/Data Assimilation Approach (GlobalCDA)"



Collaborative research projects, funded by the European Union for example within the Framework Programs for Research

  • RobDREAM
    "Developing new processes for optimizing mobile manipulation roboters"

  • Flourish
    "A robotic approach for automation in crop management"

    “Metrics, Models and Foresight for European SUStainable Food And Nutrition Security”


BMBF_Logo_400x200_rahmenBMBF and other funds

Projects supported by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research), as well as collaborative research, which is supported by other funds

  • Diet-Body-Brain (DietBB)
    "From epidemiology to targeted approaches"

  • grow-globedrought
    "Developing a global-scale tool for characterizing droughts and quantifying their impact on water resources, crop productivity, trade in food products, and the need for international food aid"

    "Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean Interaction"

  • HyReKa
    "Research into the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by wastewater"

  • Sustainable Subsoil Management (Soil3)
    "Research into subsoil-Management for a sustainable agricultural production"

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