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Exceptional regulation concerning PhD Defences within COVID-19-pandemic

As part of the measures to control the COVID-19-pandemic, courses, lectures and exams are currently suspended. The guidelines of the University of Bonn allow alternative examinations with explicit consent by the examinees.

The Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Agriculture has developed a procedure (referring to that of the Faculty of Mathmatics and Natural Sciences), which allows a PhD defence to be conducted using video conferencing software such as „Zoom“. The PhD student has to be situated in rooms of the University of Bonn.

A prerequisite for this is the consent of the PhD student and all authorized examiners. You will find the corresponding forms under the heading "Downloads"

An administrative moderator (Dr. Eveline Bergmüller [[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]] or Dr. Susanne Plattes [[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]]) will oversee the video conference.

Further information is available in the handout „Virtual PhD Defence due to §11 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations“. Please inform the docorate office, if you want to conduct a virtual PhD defence.

Unfortunately, but as a matter of course, social gatherings as well as personal congratulations following the PhD defence are not allowed because of the risk of infection.



Declaration of consent | Student
Declaration of consent | Examiner
Virtual PhD Defence due to §11 of the Doctoral Degree Regulations




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