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The One Health approach is both a research approach to holistically examine health problems at the human-animal-environment interface and an implementation-oriented concept that calls for intersectoral cooperation between stakeholders in human and veterinary medicine, public health, environmental protection, resource management and agriculture. Land use changes and changes in resource use affect the interactions between humans, animals and the environment, which in turn have direct and indirect influences on health and well-being. The World Health Organization (WHO), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) have shown through the Tripartite Agreement that sustainable global health security can only be achieved through collaboration between stakeholders in human, animal and environmental health.

In order to meet the major global health challenges, it is therefore necessary to develop evidence-based implementation strategies for One Health and to critically evaluate existing approaches. In addition to the development of implementation strategies, it is also highly relevant to examine specific health challenges in an integrative manner using the One Health approach in order to scientifically demonstrate the benefits of One Health.

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Sustainability means using resources in such a way that today’s needs are met without neglecting or even disregarding those of future generations. This raises many questions in very different areas: poverty, hunger, food security, demographic change, health, environmental protection, climate change and the responsible use of resources present us with global challenges. In order to achieve progress towards the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals, our scientists combine basic research with solution-oriented and interdisciplinary research approaches, engage in global networks and work together with the UN organizations based in Bonn.

The focus of the Transdisciplinary Research Unit "Life and Health" at the University of Bonn is on understanding life - from the level of the smallest particles to the interplay of complex systems with the environment. One of the main objectives is to develop new strategies to improve and maintain health. Within the TRA Life and Health, members can proactively apply for funding of measures that contribute to achieving the TRA goals and that are located in the TRA's thematic fields.

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