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Agricultural Faculty

External Laboratories

The external laboratories of the Faculty of Agriculture form a directly faculty-related organizational unit that supports the institutes of the faculty in their research and teaching tasks. Within the scope of their capacities, they are available to all institutions of the University of Bonn for carrying out research and teaching.

Campus Klein-Altendorf aus der Luft
© Volker Lannert | Uni Bonn

Campus Klein-Altendorf (CKA)

The CKA is located between Rheinbach and Meckenheim and focuses on arable, crop and horticultural tests.

Frankenforst aus der Luft
© Volker Lannert | Uni Bonn

Campus Frankenforst

Campus Frankenforst is located on the outskirts of Königswinter-Vinxel and works in the field of animal science experiments.

Wiesengut aus der Luft
© Alexander-Koenig-Gesellschaft


Campus Wiesengut is located in the Siegauen near Hennef and constitutes the experimental farm for organic farming.

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