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Dr. Maria Karbon


Maria Kaborn  

Dr. techn. Maria Karbon


Postdoc at IGG
PhD (Dr.-techn.) in Geodesy and Geoinformation, 2013


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+49 228 73-5363

Academic career  

since 10/2017
Research Scientist at Universität Bonn, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation

01/2013 ‐ 05/2017
Research Scientist at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geoscience, Potsdam Department 1: Geodesy, Section: Space geodetic techniques

Dissertation in Vermessungswesen und Geoinformation, Technische Universität Wien "Atmospheric effects on measurements of the Earth gravity field"

04/2009 ‐ 12/2012
Project Assistant at Technische Universität Wien, Institute for space geodesy

Diploma in Vermessungswesen und Geoinformation, Technische Universität Wien "Kinematische Analyse einer Massenbewegung auf Basis von geodätischen und geomorphologischen Daten."

Research topics  

VLBI, Reference Frames, Kalman Filtering, geophysical signals in geodetic observations

Key publications  

Maria Karbon, Kyriakos Balidakis, Santiago Belda, Tobias Nilsson, Jan Hagedorn, Harald Schuh (2018): Long term evaluation of ocean tidal variation models of Polar motion and UT1, Pure and Applied Geophysics, 1-19, online first

Maria Karbon, Benedikt Soja, Tobias Nilsson, Zhiguo Deng, Robert Heinkelmann, Harald Schuh (2017): Earth orientation parameters from VLBI determined with a Kalman filter, In Geodesy and Geodynamics, Volume 8, Issue 6, Pages 396-407, ISSN 1674-9847

Karbon, M, Heinkelmann, R., Mora-Diaz, J., Xu, M., Nilsson, T., Schuh, H. (2017): The extension of the parametrization of the radio source coordinates in geodetic VLBI and its impact on the time series analysis. Journal of Geodesy

Activities   Member of Working Group 1.4.3 of the Sub-commission 1.4 of the International Asso-ciation of Geodesy (IAG): Improving VLBI-based ICRF and link to the Gaia-based CRF (GCRF)
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