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On this page you will find all the important information about applying (application for admission) for the Master's degree programs in Nutritional Sciences, Molecular Food Technology, Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology, Crop Sciences and Animal Sciences.

Information on the application...

FAQ regarding the Master's application

Applications for the winter semester:

  • International applicants: from April 01 to April 30
  • German, EU and equivalent applicants: from June 15 to July 15

Applications for the summer semester:

  • International applicants: from October 01 to October 31
  • German, EU and equivalent applicants: from December 15 to January 15

  • For the Master's degree programs M.Sc. in Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology and M.Sc. in Crop Sciences, application is only possible for the winter semester.
  • Information on whether international applicants have the same status as German applicants can be found in the following regulations:
    • State Treaty on the Establishment of a Joint Institution for University Admission in the current version.
    • Act on Admission to Higher Education in North Rhine-Westphalia (Higher Education Admission Act) in the current version.
    • Ordinance on the Allocation of Study Places in North Rhine-Westphalia (Allocation Ordinance) in the current version.
  • As an admission requirement, you need a first professionally qualifying degree (e.g. Bachelor's degree) in the respective subject or a related subject. Further details can be found in the respective examination regulations (§ 3) and in the selection procedure regulations.
  • Classification as a related subject is made by a selection committee on the basis of your application documents. Previous inquiries about related subjects can therefore not be answered.
  • The last examination from your first professionally qualifying degree must be completed before the start of the Master's degree program. Proof of this must be submitted to the Examinations Office at the start of your studies. The proof (certificate, transcript of records or certificate from the Examinations Office) must show that all achievements including the final thesis from the previous degree were completed in the semester of application. This means that the final thesis (including colloquium, if applicable) must also be completed by 30.09. (if starting in the winter semester) or 31.03. (if starting in the summer semester) at the latest.
  • Students from universities of applied sciences who do not have A-levels must have completed their Bachelor's degree prior to enrolment and submit their degree certificate for enrolment.
  • Please note that you will need a German language certificate (e.g. DSH 2 or TestDaF 4444). Further information can be found on the website of the International Office. If you have any questions, please contact the International Office of the Faculty of Agriculture.

The study places indicated refer to applications from EU/EEA countries. For applicants from non-EU/EEA countries, 5% (at least one study place) of the study places are reserved.

Study places in the winter semester:

  • M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences: 38
  • M.Sc. Molecular Food Technology: 37
  • M.Sc. Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology: 25
  • M.Sc. Crop Sciences: 170
  • M.Sc. Animal Sciences: 51

Study places in the summer semester:

  • M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences: 10
  • M.Sc. Molecular Food Technology: 6
  • M.Sc. Animal Sciences: 13
  • You must upload the following documents to the application system (PDF or jpg):
    • University entrance qualification (e.g. A-levels certificate)
    • Certificate or current, provisional overview of grades in German or English for a first professionally qualifying degree (e.g. Bachelor's degree). The average grade must be recognizable and the completed modules must be listed individually in order to be able to assess the relationship of a degree program.
    • Translated documents must be officially certified
    • Applicants from China, Vietnam and India must enclose an APS certificate.
  • Applicants with a provisional grade certificate: You apply with the current grade point average at the time of application. Subsequent changes to the grade cannot be considered. Proof of completion of all coursework must be submitted to the Examinations Office at the time of initial registration. Please note that all coursework (incl. final thesis and any associated colloquium) must be completed by 30.09. (if starting in the winter semester) or by 31.03. (if starting in the summer semester).
  • All mandatory information is requested in the applicant portal. You can interrupt your application at any time and log in again later to complete your application.
  • You can only apply online. It is not necessary to send additional documents by post!
  • Documents that arrive by post cannot be considered and will not be returned.
  • Please remember to complete and submit your application in the online portal. Applications that are not sent by the deadline cannot be considered.
  • When enquiring about your application, please always quote the applicant number.
  • You can access the applicant portal via the following link: studienservice.uni-bonn.de
  • Once you have submitted your application via the online portal, you can no longer make any changes to your application yourself. If you subsequently find an error in your application, you are welcome to contact the person listed below. They can make changes until the end of the application deadline.
  • No changes will be made after the application deadline.
  • After the application deadline, the selection committee meeting for the respective Master's degree program takes place. This committee decides on the relationship between degree programs and how many admissions are granted for the semester in question.
  • Notifications (admission and rejection) are sent via the application system. You can view the current status in the application system at any time. You will only receive the notifications by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided when applying.
  • It may take a few weeks after the application deadline for a decision to be made and for you to receive a response to your application.
  • Admission is only valid for the semester in question and cannot be transferred to subsequent semesters.
  • If you were rejected due to the numerus clausus, your degree program has generally been classified as related. However, there were more applications for the degree program than there are places available. If there is a succession procedure, you will automatically take part in it.
  • If you do not meet the course-specific admission requirements, you will not be able to obtain a place as your course has been classified as unrelated or your application was incomplete. You can find more details under the admission requirements. In this case, you will not take part in the succession procedure.

M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences:

  • 2,3 (SuSe 24)
  • 3,1 (WiSe 23/24)
  • 3,0 (SuSe 23)
  • 3,1 (WiSe 22/23)
  • 2,4 (SuSe 22)
  • 2,7 (WiSe 21/22)
  • 3,0 (SuSe 21)
  • 2,7 (WiSe 20/21)

M.Sc. Molecular Food Technology:

  • 2,5 (SuSe 24)
  • 3,2 (WiSe 23/24)
  • 3,1 (SuSe 23)
  • 3,2 (WiSe 22/23)
  • 2,2 (SuSe 22)
  • 2,6 (WiSe 21/22)
  • 1,7 (SuSe 21)
  • 2,7 (WiSe 20/21)

M.Sc. Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology:

  • Admission only for the winter semester
  • 2,0 (WiSe 23/24)
  • 2,2 (WiSe 22/23)
  • 2,0 (WiSe 21/22)
  • 1,9 (WiSe 20/21)

M.Sc. Crop Sciences:

  • Admission only for the winter semester
  • 3,3 (WiSe 23/24)
  • 3,2 (WiSe 22/23)
  • 3,2 (WiSe 21/22)
  • 3,7 (WiSe 20/21)

M.Sc. Animal Sciences:

  • 3,2 (SuSe 24)
  • 3,2 (WiSe 23/24)
  • 3,3 (SuSe 23)
  • 3,4 (WiSe 22/23)
  • 3,1 (SuSe 22)
  • 3,2 (WiSe 21/22)
  • 3,3 (SuSe 21)
  • 3,2 (WiSe 20/21)
  • The enrolment deadlines are defined in your letter of admission.
  • You can find all the information about the enrollment process under this link.
  • If you have not been admitted due to capacity-related admission restrictions (NC), but otherwise meet the admission requirements, you will automatically be admitted to the succession procedure.
  • Please refrain from asking about possible succession procedures. You will be informed if you are offered a place in the succession procedure.
  • Applications for admission to a higher semester are possible between February 15 and March 15 (start of studies in the summer semester) or between August 15 and September 15 (start of studies in the winter semester) via the applicant portal.
    • To apply for a higher semester in the winter semester, the form for acknowledgement of achievements must be submitted by 01.08.
    • To apply for a higher semester in the summer semester, the form for acknowledgement of achievements must be submitted by 01.02.
    • You can find more information on acknowledgement of achievements on the website of the examinations office.
  • You can access the applicant portal via the following link: studienservice.uni-bonn.de.

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