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Information on the coronavirus

Information of the University of Bonn on the coronavirus.


Use of university PCs for oral examinations via zoom

In the examination period of the summer semester 2020, the majority of the examinations will be held online. The video conferencing service ZOOM can also be used for this purpose. The University, in cooperation with the data protection officer, has made all the settings in advance to make the service as data protection-friendly as possible. You can find all information about this on the ZOOM special pages of the university. Should students nevertheless have concerns about data protection or be unsure about their technical requirements for an online examination, there is the option of using university PCs for oral examinations. In these cases, images and sound are hosted on separate servers, so that only some of the session's metadata is transmitted via the provider Zoom, but all of them belong to the University of Bonn. Since the PCs are not used with the students' personal accounts, personal traceability is impossible. Students who would like to make use of this offer for urgent reasons, please contact the Bachelor Examination Office or the Master Examination Office.



Decision of the Examining Board of the Faculty of Agriculture

At the meeting of the examination committee on the 17th June 2020, it was decided that the resolution adopted at the meeting of the examination committee on the 8th April 2020 regarding the suspension of the time-limit for the submission of your thesis shall be repealed. This decision comes into effect four weeks after this notification. This means for you that the processing time of your thesis will continue from 16.07.2020. The possibility of granting a prolongation according to POO §20 (9) sentence 5 (B.Sc.) or POO §22(9) sentence 5 (M.Sc.) remains unaffected.



Decision of the Study Committee B.Sc. Agriculture

In the summer semester 2020 a proof of work for at least 160 h and a short job description is sufficient for the recognition of the internship module. Report and presentation are not required. Thus, students can be employed as harvest helpers and contribute to mastering the extremely difficult situation in agriculture.



Decision of the Examining Board of the Faculty of Agriculture

As a reaction to the current restrictions in examination operations, it is now possible to conduct examinations in electronic form as a substitute. Both examinee and examiner must agree to the conversion to an electronic examination.

For all current bachelor and master thesis, the lost time (from the closing of the library on 16.03.2020) will be added to the processing time of the final thesis. This regulation applies to all study programmes. The possibility of granting a grace period according to POO §20 (9) sentence 5 (B.Sc.) or POO §22 (9) sentence 5 (M.Sc.) remains unaffected. Newly registered final thesis will be added to the lost time proportionately. The regulations on minimum processing time shall remain as before. The suspension of the processing periods shall apply until the decision of the examination board to revoke the agreement, which will take this decision with a lead time of at least 4 weeks to revive the processing period.

In order to meet the deadline for Bachelor and Master theses, it is sufficient to submit a pdf-file of the thesis electronically to the examination office. The printed and bound version can be submitted subsequently by post. The certificate can only be issued when both versions, electronic and printed/bound, have been submitted to the examinations office. This exception applies until normal teaching activities have been resumed.

These regulations apply to all courses of study at the Faculty of Agriculture with the exception of the courses of study M.Sc. Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology and the State Examination in Food Chemistry. Both courses of study have their own examination boards, which can make different decisions.

Please also note the advice on the doctoral examinations.



Dear students of the faculty of agriculture,

in connection with the current COVID-19 spread, the Robert Koch Institute strongly suggests avoiding contacts in the private, professional and public sectors.

The employees of the deanery of the faculty of agriculture are working from home. We therefore ask you to contact the responsible person only by e-mail.

Please send your certificate of sickness or Bachelor-/Master-thesis by post or deposit the documents in the letterbox of the Examination Office in the foyer of the Dean's Office.

Students who are travelling from a risk area (back) to Bonn are recommended to voluntarily isolate themselves at home until 14 days after departure. In this case, please contact us by e-mail only. Ideally, you should also contact the public health department at your place of residence.

Further information and contact persons can be found at There you can also download documents for examination matters.

Please note the posted rules of conduct and protective measures!

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