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Field of activity

Are you interested in fields of activity / career prospects? Then you can use the following overview for your orientation.

jop perspective

The study of Agricultural Science aims to qualifiy with its job-oriented education including individual study organization and special focuses, and furthermore complemented by providing additional qualification for the following occupational fields: Activties in companies of the agricultural and food industry (research and development, sale, marketing, production), associations and organizations, state and municipal authorities. Teaching and further education activities in facilities for professional education and adult education. Journalistic activities in scientific publishing companies, PR and advertising agencies.


  • Teaching, research, development, schools, universities, institutes, companies


  • Agricultural economy, nutrition, environment, waste, biotechnology, gene technology, processing and trade

Agricultural practice:

  • Farming, horticulture, counselling


  • Agricultural and environmental authorities, national and international ministries

Public relation / development cooperation:

  • Associations, organizations, agencies, media


For further information, please contact the professional association Berufsverband (VDL).

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