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Field of activity

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The Master graduates of the study program aim to be well prepared for professions and positions requiring academical and practical competence along with the capacity for a methodical approach.

Along with its natural scientific focus, this study field offers a wide range of application orientation. According to this, the occupational fields are manifold:

  • Research and teaching at universities
  • Scientific work at research centers (e.g. UFZ, FZJü)
  • Planning and implementing at offices and authorities (e.g. BfN, BMU, UBA, middle and lower landscape authorities)
  • Planning and implementing at environmental and planning offices
  • Scientific political counselling (e.g. UN organizations, EU, national governments, NGO)
  • Further institutions with focus on nature conservation (administrations of national parks, biological stations , centers for nature conservation)


For further information, please contact the professional association Berufsverband (VDL).

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