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The Faculty Council is the central decision-making body of the Faculty and is made up of elected members of the status groups (university lecturers, academic staff, technical and administrative staff and students). It is responsible for making decisions on faculty matters that are not the responsibility of the Dean or another responsibility.

In particular, it is responsible for all matters relating to research and teaching and for passing resolutions on the Faculty Regulations and other Faculty regulations. It receives the Dean's reports and can request information on faculty matters.


The Faculty Council is responsible in particular for the following non-transferable matters:

The fundamental decisions in matters relating to teaching and research.

Resolutions on the Faculty Regulations and other regulations for the Faculty.

The statement to be submitted to the Rectorate for consultation on the establishment, modification and dissolution of institutes of the Faculty

Resolutions on the establishment, modification and abolition of departments and their designation.

The assignment of further tasks to the institutes that go beyond those specified at the time of establishment.

The agreements on the assignment of academic institutions that are assigned to several faculties as well as for the agreement on the type and scope of participation of other faculties in these institutions.

Die dem Rektorat vorzulegenden Vorschläge zur Errichtung, Änderung oder Aufhebung von Betriebseinheiten, die für eine oder mehrere Fakultäten Dienstleistungen erbringen sollen.

The proposals to be submitted to the Rectorate for the establishment, modification or abolition of operating units that are to provide services for one or more faculties.

The faculty's statement if professors who are members of the faculty are to be obliged to teach courses in the subject they represent at another university and to conduct the corresponding examinations.

The proposal to appoint a replacement for a vacant professorship or for a member of the group of professors on leave of absence by a person who fulfills the recruitment requirements pursuant to Section 36 HG.

An application to be forwarded to the Rectorate to recognize an institution located outside the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn that performs scientific tasks as a scientific institution at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.

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