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International Affairs Unit


Would you like to spend a semester abroad within or outside of Europe?

Are you an international student or PhD student and need help with enrollment, housing or other administrative or personal matters?

Or are you a postdoc at our faculty, a lecturer or a professor and need support with cooperation agreements or the supervision of international interns, PhD students or delegations from abroad?


We support you in international concerns or help you to get in contact with the International Office and other institutions. You can find us in Katzenburgweg 7-9. We can be contacted by phone and email, but are also happy to schedule meetings in person or via Zoom.


Consultant for International Affairs
Dr. Sarah Nischalke

  +49 228 73-3877
  +49 160 91104774


  Mo-Do: 09:00-14:00


Tabea Tetzner

  +49 228 73-2053
  +49 151 59987300


  Tue: 10:00-11:30 | Zoom
not at: 11.,18. + 25.07.23


We are supported by our student assistant Deborah Schwarz ( [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] ). Also, our social tutors Noah Madest and Marius Trovik are organizing events and get-togethers for our international students. If you would like to be added to our "Internationals" Whatsapp group, please email the WHK-address above.

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