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At the Faculty of Agriculture, researchers in nutritional and food sciences, geodesy and geoinformation, foods and resource economics, agricultural engineering, crop science and resource conservation, and animal science jointly work towards the solution of global challenges, such as food security and resource conservation. With this research program, the Faculty of Agriculture commits itself to the University of Bonn’s key profile areas “Innovation and Technology for a Sustainable Future” and “Life and Health.”

Our scientists participate in numerous international and national collaborative research programs and high-ranking research projects. As a result, third-party funds of 12 million euros could be acquired in 2017. We integrate BSc and MSc students into these projects within the context of “research-oriented teaching.”

Structural elements like regional networks and off-campus research facilities support research, teaching, and knowledge transfer. Further research areas of the Faculty of Agriculture are organized in interdisciplinary research centers. Moreover, collaboration with a number of other universities and research centers exists at the structural level. Within the University of Bonn, the Faculty of Agriculture works closely together with departments of other faculties like medical sciences, biology, geosciences, and informatics.

Together with Forschungszentrum Jülich our researchers develop new methods and technologies in the Cluster of Excellence “PhenoRob – Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Crop Production” to observe, analyze, better understand and specifically treat plants. The only Cluster of Excellence in agriculture in Germany aims at reducing the environmental footprint of crop production, maintaining the quality of soil and arable land, and analyzing the best routes to improve the adoption of technology.



Assistant Dean's Advisor
Dr. ­ Susanne Plattes

  +49 228 73-9418
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