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Doctorate at the Faculty of Agriculture

If you are interested in doing a doctorate at the Faculty of Agriculture, you need a confirmation of supervision from a professor and / or funding. We recommend that you carry out detailed research to find out whether your research topic fits into one of our projects or research areas and only then contact the professors. Without a research focus or an idea of the topic you would like to research, there is little point in making an inquiry.

There are several opportunities to do a doctorate at the Faculty of Agriculture. Detailed information on the application and registration process can be found on the doctoral pages.

There are many different collaborative projects in which the Agricultural Faculty is involved and in which a doctorate is potentially possible. In particular, the Collaborative Research Center DETECT and the PhenoRob Cluster of Excellence offer a large number of doctoral students the opportunity to do a doctorate on interesting research questions. You can also keep an eye on the job vacancies at the University of Bonn and search the websites of the institutes for doctoral positions.

If you are given the opportunity to do your doctorate as part of a project, funding is usually available through project funds. It is also possible to apply for scholarships. Please note that the programs are very competitive and chances of being accepted are only possible for highly qualified applicants.

Graduate School BIGS Land and Food

The Graduate School of the Faculty of Agriculture does not award scholarships, but offers a structured accompanying program alongside the doctorate, with interesting courses (primarily soft skills) and a social framework program. Please note that this is not a full-time professional course program with coursework to be completed for the doctorate. The application for the BIGS Land and Food must be submitted to the doctoral office in addition to the registration for the doctorate.

The Bonn International Graduate School for Development Research (BIGS-DR)

The Faculty of Agriculture works closely with the Center for Development Research. It offers a structured doctoral program with accompanying specialist training (six-month full-time courses). There is the possibility of receiving a scholarship, the selection is very competitive.

Further PhD programs

Further PhD programs of the Faculty of Agriculture (in cooperation with Forschungszentrum Jülich) are the JUMPA program with a double degree with the University of Melbourne in Australia and various training networks within the framework of the EU Horizon 2020 program (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions), such as MANNA or SOPLAS.

PhD Café

For an active exchange and socializing, the Graduate School runs a PhD Café together with the International Affairs Unit. We meet every 14 days on Fridays (12 - 2 p.m.) at the International Affairs Unit at Katzenburgweg 9. All PhD students of the faculty are welcome. Philipp Gutbrod will provide information on the dates.


The International Office of the University of Bonn has a wide range of offers for doctoral students, including German courses, intercultural training, social events and the placement of a pro-buddy (a doctoral student from Bonn, as a buddy to help with formalities, arrival and getting to know each other).

PhenoRob Graduate Training Program

The PhenoRob Cluster of Excellence supports its doctoral students with an interdisciplinary portfolio of courses as part of a graduate training program. Our offer ranges from research-oriented courses on mobile robotics to soft skills courses on video production. The program is tailored to the needs of our doctoral students and promotes interdisciplinarity within our cluster.

Der Exzellenzcluster PhenoRob unterstützt seine Doktoranden durch ein interdisziplinäres Angebotsportfolio im Rahmen eines Graduiertenkollegs. Unser Angebot reicht von forschungsorientierten Kursen zur mobilen Robotik bis hin zu Soft-Skills-Kursen zur Videoproduktion. Das Programm ist auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Doktoranden zugeschnitten und fördert die Interdisziplinarität innerhalb unseres Clusters.

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