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On the basis of a habilitation procedure, the Faculty of Agriculture determines applicants’ ability to independently represent a specific subject in research and teaching (teaching qualification). The establishment of the teaching qualification is the prerequisite for the conferral of the teaching authorization after holding the public inaugural lecture.

The postdoctoral qualification consists of:

  • a written habilitation thesis
  • the performance of a lectureship
  • a habilitation colloquium (the topic of which may NOT be closely related to the habilitation thesis)
  • a public inaugural lecture

The team of the Habilitation Office of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bonn is available to advise and support interested and habilitated candidates in all matters relating to the topic of habilitation and the habilitation process itself.

1 | Announcement of the Procedure

Potential habilitation candidates introduce themselves personally to the Dean, announce that they wish to habilitate and name their mentors. The Dean or mentor introduces the candidates to the Faculty Council.

2 | Opening

After the habilitation candidate has submitted a written application and the habilitation thesis, the procedure is opened in the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council appoints the habilitation committee and reviewers.

3 | Continuation of the Procedure

The habilitation committee evaluates the expert reports obtained and reports to the Faculty Council, which decides on the continuation of the procedure if necessary.

4 | Habilitation Colloquium

With the habilitation colloquium (scientific lecture of approx. 30 minutes with subsequent discussion), the habilitation candidates should demonstrate that they can make the essential aspects of a scientific topic understandable to a wider circle of scientists, critically evaluate them and point out ways to further knowledge.

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