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In the postdoc phase, the main focus is on acquiring further scientific knowledge and skills (qualification & career development) and on orientation and networking in the national and international scientific system (internationalization & networking).

If the goal is to remain in academia, it makes sense to gain teaching skills, experience in obtaining external funding, and generally increase the visibility of your work (publications, conferences) and yourself in academia (committee work, academic self-administration).

Throughout the postdoc phase, you will receive active support and guidance in planning your personal and professional future at the LWF PostDoc Office. You can take advantage of the comprehensive services offered by the Argelander Competence Center of the University of Bonn.

In addition, the LWF works closely with your cooperation partners for example the Career Center & Postdoc Office of FZ Jülich zusammen.

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Assistant Dean's Advisor
Dr. ­ Susanne Plattes

  +49 228 73-9418
  +49 6552 6009915



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