Universität Bonn

Agricultural Faculty

Studying interdisciplinary

Study programs

The degree programs of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bonn are divided into three areas: Agricultural Sciences, Nutrition and Food Sciences, and Geodesy and Geoinformation. You will find an overview below.

Bachelor study programs

B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences

B.Sc. Nutrition and Food Sciences

B.Sc. Geodesy and Geoinformation

B.Sc. Agricultural Science Teacher Training

B.Sc. Nutrition and Home Economics Teacher Training

State Examination Food Chemistry

Master study programs

M.Sc. Agricultural and Food Economics (AFECO)

M.Sc. Agricultural Science and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ARTS)

M.Sc. Nutritional Sciences

M.Sc. Geodesy and Geoinformation

M.Sc. Geodetic Engineering

M.Sc. Molecular Food Technology

M.Sc. Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology

M.Sc. Crop Sciences

M.Sc. Animal Sciences

M.Ed. Agricultural Science Teacher Training

M.Ed. Nutrition and Home Economics Teacher Training

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