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Adequate nutrition plays a key role in people's health and performance. In industrialized countries, overeating is increasingly leading to diseases of affluence such as obesity and diabetes. Nevertheless, malnutrition ("qualitative malnutrition") still causes health problems, especially in special life situations such as among the elderly. Large parts of the world's population are still undernourished or malnourished.

A primary goal of nutritional science is to research the relationships between nutrition and health as a basis for the development of evidence-based recommendations for the prevention of diet-related diseases. Increasingly, the influence of nutrition on the environment and climate is also becoming a focus of nutritional science.

The Master's degree course in Nutritional Sciences is based at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Sciences. It is research-oriented on the topic of "Nutrition and Health" and thus contributes to the transdisciplinary research areas "Life and Health" and "Innovation and Technology for a Sustainable Future" at the University of Bonn.


Type of study

Consecutive Master


4 Semesters

Start date

Winter semester and summer semester



Admission requirements

Local NC

Postgraduate studies


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Starting your studies

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